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Why This Work


I completely understand how difficult life can be as a young girl. I was a very miserable kid and it is a complete miracle I even made it into adulthood, to be honest. I was severely depressed. I felt ugly, completely alone, entirely misunderstood, emotionally out of control, rebellious while simultaneously trying to be perfect as well as desperately craving approval. Someone looking at it from the outside saw this – I got along with most “groups” in my hometown, I got good grades, I was a successful athlete, I came from a good family & had a nice home…and this was part of the problem. I appeared to be a normal teen girl with a lot going for me, so no one even noticed the warning signs I was barely hanging on. My interpretation was that no one cared to notice, that I wasn’t valuable enough to notice and I spent all of my energy fighting a war waging inside of me while trying to prove I was good enough.















I felt like a complete imposter in my own life and couldn't wait to be an adult so it would all go away. But it did not go away. The struggle, unfortunately, continued for decades and one bad choice piled on top of another and health struggles were added to the heap. I seemed to collect bad people and bad experiences to add to my junkpile of a life and believed at some deep level that this was as good as it would get for me. I felt like I was watching a movie of someone else’s life, with no knowledge or power to change it…

I fought to understand and gain some control over my broken body and studied health & kinesiology – ultimately becoming a corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer & health/fitness instructor. I LOVED helping people learn about the incredible mechanical machine they had in their own body and what they needed to do to balance that machine for optimum function, thereby relieving it of pain and deterioration.

My serious personal health struggles with infertility and pregnancy loss, chronic Lyme Disease and cancer along with one of my children’s struggle with epilepsy and autism lead me to an over 15 year in depth study and journey with nutrition, healing and the truth of how we were designed to be fueled through nourishment.


Going through a personal family devastation led me to a total epiphany to the missing piece of the health puzzle. The mental game. It was why former clients had trouble with compliance once they were done seeing me on a regular basis. It was why I couldn’t get well after my cancer surgery despite doing everything “right”. It was why I witnessed Facebook friends all over the country with goals to lose weight, or get in shape – even those with good information on WHAT to do - have trouble following through on actually doing it. And then those who did lose weight or get in shape, would go right back to old habits – usually within a year. It was why so many women (and men) would chose the wrong partner over and over again. It’s why despite setting a goal of “simplifying” life, life gets even busier than ever. It’s why kids who work so hard in their sport crack under pressure and under-perform in competition.

A deep passion burned inside me to help EVERYONE I came in contact with learn the truth about themselves and the “secret” to gaining control over their lives once and for all enabling them to finally craft the life they were made to live!


I continued my studies in coaching and neuroscience and was certified as a Health Coach, Life Coach; a Mental Toughness Trainer and a PSYCH-K® Facilitator. I am incredibly blessed today to help people experience profound breakthroughs through our unique process, The RACE Formula system, that has been proven effective with thousands of people of all ages worldwide to get breakthroughs in their lives they had previously only dreamed of, enabling them to craft the lives of their dreams!

I look forward to working with YOU.


Let’s do this,   TK

You are not broken.

You just haven't been taught how your brain works and how the underlying, often hidden, belief programs are what sabotage you and make you feel out of control. Overcome the common self-esteem problems.

Out of the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, the majority of (even successful) individuals are shocked that low self-esteem is a main reason they find themselves stuck, struggling, exceptionally emotional, or frustrated in any given area of their life. Looking at people from the outside, I think you’d be surprised by who is actually affected by this tragic cultural epidemic. And yet the good news is, the “fix” is not complicated. Low self-esteem is a sneaky dis-ease, most successful individuals are constantly fighting against being sabotaged.

You are not doomed to a life of constant struggle, nor for settling. I can help you!



17, Minnesota

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Mother of teen girl

"Tiffani's program made a difference in my daughter's life with humor and understanding. My daughter could relate to her and trusted her. My

Woman Reading


Brockton, MA

"My self-esteem was low and I had serious mental blocks around not being good enough which kept me afraid to step out at work.   TK 

4-Step RACE Formula

Step 1: Realization

A key to this step is understanding that you get to be in charge of crafting your own life, exactly how it fits your interests and abilities. YOU are powerful in your life and completely capable of change! We work on identifying your specific goals and dreams in order to tailor the process to your particular issues and your personal goals.

Step 2: Awareness

Identifying underlying, deeply embedded faulty beliefs that you may not even realize are triggering you. Awareness of your particular interference and how your interference affects your performance. This is a core life skill that transfers from performance to all areas of your life: family, relationships, career, academics, sports, music or stage.  Includes a super efficient goal setting process.

Step 3: Clear your Interference

We focus on clearing the destructive beliefs and programs at the level of the subconscious mind, where the emotional triggers happen, and antidoting them with beliefs and goals you choose to have for yourself that are 100% in line with your internal personal core values…. You will also learn a powerful process to clear your past mistakes, chokes, errors, regrets and to use as a tool in potentially stressful situations and in competition itself. This is WAY beyond your typical visualize yourself performing well basics. This is a key contributor to living fearless in performance and life.

Step 4: Emotional Mastery

Difficult emotions are a natural part of life that very few people know how to deal with effectively and therefore, they fear them.  Your final clearing occurs through our internal conflict resolution intervention. When one part of the mind of a person believes they can accomplish a goal and another part (that you can be totally unaware of) sabotages or holds back on that effort, you need to synchronize to your desired outcome.  We wrap up this step with a tool to get you to your ideal “performance state” before or during any activity or event…at will, any time, any place.

Young Academic Girl
Public Speaker

helped me clear the baggage that was holding me back. I looked forward to every session. I am so grateful for the difference this coaching has made in every area of my life!"

daughter learned to recognize her negative thoughts and behaviors, and she learned how to manage them better. We have seen improvements in her interactions with others. She also seems to be happier and more confident. Tiffani gave our family loving support and I highly recommend her."

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