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PERFORMANCE = Potential - Interference

Be a more aggressive player

Break that performance plateau

Lose those nerves & tension

Get your game to the next level

Regain your confidence

Perform your best consistently

Play as well as you practice

As a former athlete myself and the parent of student-athletes, I painfully know first-hand the frustration of physically working countless hours in the gym and on the court practicing your skill over and over and over and then experiencing mental blocks around past mistakes or injuries or even performance that is inconsistent with how you look in drills or practice.

Performance = Potential - Interference

That is the key to changing what you are experiencing in your unwanted performances. It means that your performance in any given activity (both sports and life) is only as good as your potential, minus your interference.  In order to play to your true potential, you must clear out the negative interference and mental blocks that are holding you back.  

Interference can come from so many places, even from coaches, teammates, fans and even well-meaning family members. Unfortunately it takes more than just hard work on the court or field to get your goal. As equally important is learning and practicing mental skills to develop mental toughness to keep your physical game tight. Changing our inner game is what changes our outer game and our mind is the ultimate playing field that will make the difference. We can’t transform our game until we transform our inner dialogue and story.

Mental Skills Training is the edge young athletes need to compete in todays sports world. Athletes can practice all day long, but if they don’t master their emotions they will never realize their potential on the court or field. This works no matter the sport, no matter the performance!

As athletes, we spend countless hours practicing, training their body, building muscle, strength and endurance. Many more hours are devoted to developing the physical skills needed for our sport. Mental skills are no different than physical skills. They do not improve without practice. If you want that edge over your competitors, do what the elite athletes are doing - Mental Skills Training. Every athlete knows it takes dedication and practice to improve and compete at a higher level. Give your mental game the same dedication so you can consistently perform focused, confident, determined and resilient, especially under pressure. Get the edge over your competition and do some Mental Skills Training with me!

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Bike Race
Girl's Portrait


Student-Athlete Minnesota

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Middle Aged Woman


Parent of Student-Athlete

"My daughter is a passionate athlete who needed a boost in self-esteem,

Reading Student


Student-Athlete Minnesota

"I used to beat myself up after every missed shot. Through working with Tiffani, I learned how to get out of my own head and let my body and skills take over."

harnessing emotions, and well rounded perspective around sport and life. After working with Tiffani, I saw growth in maturity, confidence, and positive thoughts of self and others. She is now a leader on her new team and handling the ups and downs of sport and life with maturity and grace."

4-Step RACE Formula

Step 1: Realization

A key to this step is understanding that you get to be in charge of crafting your own life, exactly how it fits your interests and abilities. YOU are powerful in your life and completely capable of change! We work on identifying your specific goals and dreams in order to tailor the process to your particular issues and your personal goals.

Step 2: Awareness

Identifying underlying, deeply embedded faulty beliefs that you may not even realize are triggering you. Awareness of your particular interference and how your interference affects your performance. This is a core life skill that transfers from performance to all areas of your life: family, relationships, career, academics, sports, music or stage.  Includes a super efficient goal setting process.

Step 3: Clear your Interference

We focus on clearing the destructive beliefs and programs at the level of the subconscious mind, where the emotional triggers happen, and antidoting them with beliefs and goals you choose to have for yourself that are 100% in line with your internal personal core values…. You will also learn a powerful process to clear your past mistakes, chokes, errors, regrets and to use as a tool in potentially stressful situations and in competition itself. This is WAY beyond your typical visualize yourself performing well basics. This is a key contributor to living fearless in performance and life.

Step 4: Emotional Mastery

Difficult emotions are a natural part of life that very few people know how to deal with effectively and therefore, they fear them.  Your final clearing occurs through our internal conflict resolution intervention. When one part of the mind of a person believes they can accomplish a goal and another part (that you can be totally unaware of) sabotages or holds back on that effort, you need to synchronize to your desired outcome.  We wrap up this step with a tool to get you to your ideal “performance state” before or during any activity or event…at will, any time, any place.

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