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Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Is This YOU?

  • Feel Stuck & Don't Know How To Get Out Of It

  • Feeling Overwhelmed & Don't Know Where to Start

  • Consistently Fail to Follow-Through

  • Constantly Fatigued; Lack Energy or Drive

  • Tried Every Diet Under the Sun & Nothing Has Worked

  • Feel Like Life is Pushing & Pulling You Through

  • Feel Like Your Schedule Runs You Instead of You Running Your Schedule

  • Emotionally Eat

  • Want to Take Health to the Next Level

  • Completely Disorganized

  • Always Running Late

  • Seem to 'Catch Everything' Going Around

  • Exceptionally Critical of Yourself or Your Body

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

WILL help!

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Mental Skills Training

Is This YOU?

· Lack Confidence or Had Confidence

   & Lost It

· Suffer From Pre-Performance

    Nerves & Tension

· Choke Under Pressure

· Fear of Taking the Shot

· Stuck in a Slump

· Lack of Aggressiveness

· Self Doubt & Negativity

· Fear of Being Judged

· Performance Plateau

· Mental Blocks Around A Specific Skill

· Inabilty to Concentrate

· Fear Returning After Injury

· Perfect in Practice, Not In


· Want To Take Game To the Next 


Mental Skills Training

WILL help!

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Confidence Coaching

Is This YOU?

  • Feel Like You Don't Belong or Fit In

  • Exceptionally Critical of Yourself or Your Body

  • Have Performance Issues or Mental Blocks When It Counts

  • Beat Yourself Up For Mistakes or Constantly Revisit Mistakes

  • Seem to Be in Constant Conflict With Siblings/Parents

  • Lack Confidence, Have Self-Doubt & Negativity

  • Have Fear of Speaking Up

  • Feel Misunderstood or Unimportant

  • Easily Get Buttons Pushed or Are Extremely Emotional

  • Have Fear Around School, College or the Future

  • Tend To Be the Target of Bullying

  • Inability to Concentrate

  • Difficulty in Making Decisions                                                                                                                                           

Confidence Coaching

WILL help!

4-Step RACE Formula


Your first step in mastering your emotions is realizing that you are not broken, you just haven’t been taught how your brain works and the underlying reasons behind why you think what you think therefore ruling what you naturally do in any given situation, especially under stress. A key to this step is understanding that you get to be in charge of crafting your own life, exactly how it fits your interests and abilities. YOU are powerful in your life and completely capable of change! We work on identifying your specific goals and dreams in order to tailor the process to your particular issues and your personal goals.


Identifying underlying, deeply embedded faulty beliefs that you may not even realize are triggering you. Awareness of your particular interference and how your interference affects your performance. This is a core life skill that transfers from performance to all areas of your life: family, relationships, career, academics, sports, music or stage.  Includes a super efficient goal setting process.


We focus on clearing the destructive beliefs and programs at the level of the subconscious mind, where the emotional triggers happen, and antidoting them with beliefs and goals you choose to have for yourself that are 100% in line with your internal personal core values…. You will also learn a powerful process to clear your past mistakes, chokes, errors, regrets and to use as a tool in potentially stressful situations and in competition itself. Once the long term goal is embedded in the subconscious mind, the body takes over and makes it happen. This is WAY beyond your typical visualize yourself performing well basics. This is a key contributor to living fearless in performance and life.

Emotional Mastery

Difficult emotions are a natural part of life that very few people know how to deal with effectively and therefore, they fear them.  Believe it or not you can master your emotions once and for all! Your final clearing occurs through our internal conflict resolution intervention. When one part of the mind of a person believes they can accomplish a goal and another part (that you can be totally unaware of) sabotages or holds back on that effort, you need to synchronize to your desired outcome.  We wrap up this step with a tool to get you to your ideal “performance state” before or during any activity or event…at will, any time, any place.

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