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Holistic Wellness


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Health & wellness are so much more than merely “eating right” and “exercising” and while it is extremely important you nourish your body and move it, those are the two constant messages that get all of the press. The information at the forefront of mainstream media can be incredibly confusing, overwhelming and actually can do more harm than good in contributing to your true health, wellness, productivity, happiness and vitality. You can even have the coveted lean, strong and beautiful and still be a hot mess in all other areas of your life, which prevents you from whole wellness and truly enjoying any of it!


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In my 20+ year career as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist I had consistently seen an issue with clients over and over...long term compliance, their mental game and being able to master habit change. I consistently saw clients improve their health while they were working with me, but once they stopped their monthly program packages, and some even when they simply went home for the weekend or were exposed to real life until the next training session, they would “go back” to their old ways of doing or being, more frustrated than ever before that they would never reach or maintain their goals. I watched high level athletes train and master their physical bodies and their skill, only to lose it mentally in competition and have diminished performance when it counted. All of these clients believed the lie that they didn’t have the willpower or that they somehow could not control that part of themselves or that they were somehow doomed to a life of “less than” because that is all they had ever known. I am here to tell you that is a LIE! You were made to thrive. The body is made to thrive. You can master your emotions and master habit change once and for all and create the life you desire!

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How to properly nourish your body is specific to your physiology, yet is just a tiny part of the wellness equation as a whole...the other areas of wellness you want to bring into personal balance include movement, sleep, hydration, breathing, gut-health, self-care, money, relationships, spirituality, environment and especially STRESS. We are all incredibly unique with a very unique blueprint on this earth so there is really no such thing as “one size fits all”. The journey should be a beautiful adventure of self discovery and mastery but unfortunately most people are on information overload and too busy and stressed out to navigate it. For long term success you need not only curated information individual to you, but also to clear old belief patterns that continually sabotage your efforts. Believe it or not, the process is not difficult, you just haven’t learned how to do it...yet!

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This is exactly what I do! I am an expert on helping people navigate their unique bodies, personal history, current circumstances and lives amidst all of the chaos they encounter day to day. I can help you not only sift through the clutter of life and information, but also overcome to craft the body and life of your dreams. I am a Holistic Life Strategist - a certified Health, Lifestyle & Confidence Coach, Mental Skills Trainer and Habit Change Specialist. I work from Zoom video sessions, so can hold face-to-face sessions with anyone around the globe who has internet service.


Connect with me now to get more information and set up a FREE strategy session! I look forward to helping you change your trajectory to somewhere amazing...


Your Thrive Coach, TK

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River Falls, WI

"I have been working with Tiffani for the last 6 months and she has transformed my life. From meal planning to digging deep into my

emotions, I feel balanced and at more peace all around. I am so thankful I have Tiffani as my Life Coach."

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Williamsville, NY

"Before I worked with Tiffani I was a mess! I had serious mental blocks about money that plagued me my whole life. After just a few sessions 

with her, something heavy lifted and my thinking began to shift, almost without trying! It was like the fog was lifting and I was seeing clearly for the first time. She has helped me become my best self!"

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Tacoma, WA

"TK came into my life at the perfect time! I needed to take my health to the next level and the flexibility of working with her on phone was perfect. She has

been supporting my health needs by coaching the effects of my “thinking” and its impact on my physical health and emotional well being. I’m learning to master my thoughts and  feelings to change old habits that don’t serve me well. As a fellow Christian she also refocuses my efforts to align with God’s direction for my life. She challenges my negative beliefs that hold me back from the child God designed me to be. I’m transforming my mind, body and soul with her excellent guidance! I’d recommend her to everyone!"

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Osseo, MN

"I distinctly remember my adamant statement to Tiff of wanting to work on my sugar addiction but had zero intention of giving up my sugary 

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Saint Paul, MN

"Believing lies so deep that I thought they were my truth had become so normal. Lies ingrained in my soul that I felt I could never escape. God worked

beverages. Less than two months into the program I did not even crave the sugary beverage. Tiff taught me to grocery shop with intention, and the importance of nourishing my body. Fast forward to a year later, after giving birth to my first child my body bounced back and recovered a lot quicker than those that are in similar situations, learning to treat my body with respect helped me in so many ways and I owe it to the patience, education, encouragement and understanding of Tiff with Thrive!!"

on my heart while Tiffani worked with me every week to open my eyes to believe the truth about myself by changing the way I thought. This was life changing!"

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New Market, MN

"Tiffani was amazing to work with and is amazing at connecting with her clients. I am a better version of myself because of what we were able to work 

through in just a few months! I am making healthier choices, taking time for ME, and have found a way to limit guilt in my life. As corny as it sounds, this was truly a life changing experience!"

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White Bear Lake, MN

"Tiffani Loegering was a voice of reason in my land of chaos. Her thought-provoking questions and well-thought guidance led me to a place of 

clarity and self-awareness. She helped me identify key aspects of my life that needed attention and helped me release unhealthy self-talk. Our times together brought laughter and healing tears that helped me take life-changing steps to be a stronger, healthier me."

Client - janna.PNG


Saint Paul, MN

"Tiffani was a gift to me in my life when I was in a state of confusion concerning my wellness. She taught me many life long skills to aide me in my journey."

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